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Nov 9, 2023

In this episode, we’ll dive into the pressing issue of the skyrocketing cost of college education in the US with Kamilah J. Perkins.

Kamilah is an Education & Youth Development Consultant specializing in Preparing Youth for Purpose. For the past 20 years Kamilah has been devoted to Education, College Prep and Youth Development work. She says we should start preparing kids to succeed in college and saving for tuition as early as birth!


Kamilah, is a Chicago native and currently lives in North Carolina with her husband and son. 


Listen as Kamilah shares these Key Takeaways:


  • How to prepare kids for college and pay for it without breaking the bank.

  • Identifying and nurturing students' innate talents for academic success.

  • Ideas for creative ways to pay for college.

  • How to knock off nearly 2 years worth of college costs.

  • Kamilah’s Sisternomics strategy.

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