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Aug 31, 2023

This episode is a favorite so I had to replay it!

At nearly 6 feet tall, Bertina Power has a commanding presence and an unforgettable voice, both of which have always made her standout in a crowd.

On top of that, she was born with the "right pedigree," so success was both expected and imminent. She quickly became a...

Aug 23, 2023

"We're trying to rob Peter to pay Paul," was a phrase I heard a lot growing up. Seemed like everybody was just one check away from being flat broke. As a result of hearing these constant stories of lack and financial insecurity, I had to unlearn the "language of lack" and rewrite my money story.

Can you relate?


Aug 14, 2023

I hate waking up with a feeling of panic, anxiety and dread but lately that’s what’s been happening. I found a way to combat it but I couldn’t help but wonder, “why is this occurring?”

Through self-reflection, I discovered I was feeling this way because of the constant pressure to keep up with the never-ending...