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Nov 1, 2023

In less than 10 years, Della Kirkman went from a single mom waiting tables at Cracker Barrel, to buying her first business, growing it, and later selling it to achieve a level of wealth and independence she had only dreamed about. 

On top of that, Della did this as a single mom of two daughters, both of whom are already saving for retirement.

Della is A CPA and the publisher of the bi-weekly newsletter, designed to help people buy, grow, and sell small businesses. The free newsletter is part of a larger, developing platform encouraging women to pursue entrepreneurship through acquisition (by buying a profitable business that can support their lifestyle) rather than the hard, risky path of the startup.

Listen as Della shares these Key Takeaways:


  • Her journey from being a waitress at Cracker Barrel to buying, growing, and selling her first business to achieve freedom and wealth.

  • Why business ownership through acquisition is better than the traditional startup route.

  • How Della’s daughter started saving for retirement at age 14.

  • The importance of teaching children about money and wealth, including savings, retirement accounts, and financial discipline.

  • Common mistakes and pitfalls in business acquisitions.

  • Della's approach to creating multiple streams of income.


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