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Oct 25, 2023

Are you fluent in the language of wealth? If not, today’s episode will get you all the way together.


Yanely Espinal, also known as @MissBeHelpful and the author of Mind Your Money: Insightful Stories and Strategies to Help You Reach Your Money Goals, is my special guest today. I asked her to share some key words she wants us to have a firm understanding of (especially if you’re under 25) so we can talk that money talk with confidence! 


Yanely also speaks very candidly about growing up as the daughter of immigrants who worked hard but didn’t know a lot about wealth. Nevertheless, her experiences positioned her to become one of the top millennial personal finance experts in the country who is changing the way schools teach about money.

Listen to this episode with your young adult kids and learn the language of wealth. 


Key Takeaways:

  • How Yanely racked up $20,000 in debt

  • How she eliminated the debt 

  • How she learned how to build wealth even though she grew up on government assistance

  • The words your kids should know before they enter the “real world”

  • Why you need to be investing

  • Yanely’s Sisternomics Strategy


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