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May 2, 2024

Hot flashes are one thing but what do we do when brain fog, fatigue and generally feeling “off” start to impact the bottomline?

Sis, we need to talk about it…menopause’s impact on our roles in work and life are a real thing, but it’s not discussed often enough.

Necole Muhammad is a Certified Menopause Coaching...

Apr 25, 2024

Did you have any in-depth money conversations before you said “I do?”

Probably not.

Forty-one percent of divorced Gen Xers attribute the end of their marriage to financial disagreements.

Today Monique is joined by Shavonna Perkins, a certified financial educator and founder of the Bougie Wealth Group. Shavonna...

Apr 11, 2024

It happens to the best of us. We present well. We show up looking fabulous but in the back of our mind is that looming thought: “Am I good enough? Will they like me? Can I actually do this?” 

Fear and self-doubt are just two of the things that if left unchecked will steal our joy and our destiny.

Monique and her...

Apr 5, 2024

Cheryl and Priscilla did not come here to play. You see, most women were never taught the art of negotiating salaries that reflect their worth and expertise…but you gone learn today!

It’s time to break the cycle of undervaluing yourself in the marketplace.Through personal anecdotes, Priscilla and Cheryl share their...

Mar 28, 2024

Sarah, a divorced mother of two college-bound teenagers, is overwhelmed by debt and the looming cost of college tuition. She’s also confronting the fact that even though she’s well educated and gainfully employed, she’s still living check to check. 

The struggle is real!

Financial expert Lynette Khalfani-Cox, AKA...