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Oct 12, 2020

Mentoring is the currency of a successful future. It can be one of your most valuable assets no matter what stage of life you're in. Even at the age of 50, I still have a mentor.

In this episode, I not only share who I am currently being mentored by, I also introduce you to Alicia Pattillo, an amazing young woman (and...

Sep 30, 2020

Listen, I know this year has challenged us all on every level, but before you add your voice to the chorus of people saying F@*k 2020, implement these simple steps. Real talk, you'll be inspired AND you'll get results.

Sep 22, 2020

This week, I celebrated my 50th birthday! After reflecting on life (as everyone does at this stage) I realized that everything I thought I knew about money, success and power in my 30s was pretty much all wrong. If I had to give advice to my 30 year old self or if I had a younger sister to mentor, THIS is what I'd say.

Sep 17, 2020

Every state in America has a treasurer's office that is holding on to billions of dollars worth of unclaimed money...some of which might belong to you. Sandra Nelson-Relford is the author of Your Missing Money: Find it and Claim it! Listen as she explains how you and your family can easily retrieve assets you may...

Aug 31, 2020

TerDawn DeBoe was fired from her job on her day off. That turned out to be exactly what she needed to finally commit to her business full-time. The struggle continued however because -- you know how it is -- as new entrepreneurs, we try to do too much. Exhausted, TerDawn created the P.R.OF.I.T. System and eventually she...