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May 30, 2023

Dani Buie  has always loved helping people. So much so that when people came to her for guidance on how to transition into different careers, she would help them for free!

It didn't dawn on her that she could make good money as a coach or consultant until one of her free sessions ended with the woman saying, "I'd pay good money for the valuable insights you just gave me!"

That was just the push Dani needed to start her entrepreneurial journey while maintaining her full-time job.

In this episode, Dani shares part of that journey with us. Listen in as she explains:

  • The transition from free coaching to paid coaching
  • Dani's timeline between officially starting her business to getting the first in a long line of paid clients.
  • How her business changed when she began scaling and focusing on organizational clients.
  • How she manages her business while still working full time
  • How much revenue she's bringing in now, after less than 3 years in business.
  • How she's building generational wealth intentionally and she's under the age of 35.

Dani also shares a compelling and emotional story about the "non-traditional" ways her mom invested in her and how Dani is paying her back.

We squeezed a lot into these inspiring 37 minutes! Enjoy.

After you listen, do this:

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