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Apr 6, 2023

I'm tapped in. I'm focused and at 50+ years of age I am finally creating the business of my dreams.

In this episode I'm pulling back the curtain to give you a look at my vision. Mind you, this is a dream that I thought was dead but now the dream is being resurrected in an exciting way.

As you listen you'll hear:

  • What my grand dream is for empowering women around the world.
  • Why the dream almost died.
  • How a client helped ignite this dream.
  • How the dream came back to life.
  • My vision for growing the dream into a multi-million dollar enterprise and then selling it.
  • Why it matters to you as a visionary woman who wants to support and empower others.
  • Why you shouldn't let your dream die.

Is it time to resurrect your dream? If so, listen to and share this episode. It will inspire you.


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