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Dec 20, 2022

Is your mindset costing you money, or making you money? The question may seem silly, but your mindset may be affecting you and your business in ways you don’t even realize. First up in this episode, you’ll learn how to find out if your mindset is in need of a makeover.

Joining Monique on Sisternomics today to discuss the power of our mindset is Tiffany Stevens-McDowell, CEO and Clinical Director of Graceful Growth, a private therapy practice where she helps women and girls release shame and guilt to reclaim self-love, positive self-esteem and worthiness.

Tiffany shares her money story, the importance of working with the inner child, and explains the difference between coaching and therapy. Plus, you’ll find out how she’s become the woman she is today: someone who is no longer struggling with money, achieving her goals while also giving back.

If you feel stuck or that life is missing love, joy or money, then this interview is a must-listen!

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Is your mindset costing you money?
  • Tiffany’s money story and background
  • Why mindset is key to success
  • The tragedy that motivated Tiffany to help women
  • Coaching vs. therapy
  • Steps to start a mindset shift
  • An example of how to reframe challenging situations
  • Working with your inner child
  • Tiffany’s Sisternomics strategy

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