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Nov 22, 2022

When someone is an expert in their field, with decades of experience and a passion for their profession, leaving the safety of what they know and jumping on the content creation train may seem futile to most people — maybe even foolish. After all, why would anyone want to mess up a good thing?

For today’s Sisternomics guest, Sharron Miles Gilty, pivoting in her career as a hairstylist to share her knowledge on YouTube was an easy decision. Like any new venture, she experienced failure and made mistakes, but she learned the YouTube game and created a viral empowerment movement called Go Gray Be Chic.

Sharron talks about the spiritual awakening that led to this major life change at age 50, and the small wins that helped her reach every milestone of new subscribers. She also reveals how she’s monetizing her channel and on her way to living what she calls a “laptop luxury lifestyle.”

If you’re scared to take action on that idea that won’t leave your thoughts, or you think it’s too late in life to start something new, this episode is a must-listen!

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Monique on her success being a content creator later in life
  • Sharron’s story from hairstylist to content creator
  • Making her viral video on going gray
  • How she’s built the community and grew her brand
  • Monique and Sharron on monetizing their ventures
  • Advice to those new to content creation
  • The key to getting views on YouTube
  • Sharron shares her money story

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