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Jun 21, 2022

At nearly 6 feet tall, Bertina Power has a commanding presence and an unforgettable voice, both of which have always made her standout in a crowd.

On top of that, she was born with the "right pedigree," so success was both expected and imminent. She quickly became a rising star in the real estate industry. Little did she know, several major challenges would interrupt her big life and big dreams, forcing her to tap into a level of power she didn't know she had.

On this episode, Bertina shares one of the most compelling stories ever told on Sisternomics. Get to know this powerhouse and find out how she:

  • Saved her son's life through the power of mindset when doctors predicted he wouldn't live beyond 6 months.
  • Overcame depression and suicidal thoughts through the power of resources.
  • Began the healing process in two of her most important relationships through the power of forgiveness.
  • Leveraged her "vices" and launched a successful career that would help her get featured on national TV.

Bertina is the author of a new book called The Power of You: No one is you and that is your Power! Learn more about Bertina and her incredible story at

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