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Apr 5, 2022

Bert Wright currently works with one of the most sought-after and highest paid speakers in the world. When major corporations want to book her, Bert is one of the people they talk to. If you are a current or aspiring speaker who desires first and foremost to SERVE your audience and you want to secure great speaking opportunities, change lives and make money, grab a notepad and listen. You'll learn:

  • The common mistakes most speakers make (especially newbies)
  • Negotiating keynotes and speaker fees

  • Selling from the stage as a servant leader without feeling "icky"

  • Developing the mindset of asking for the sale when you have a servant's heart

  • Back of the room pricing structure

  • Building a team of volunteers to help build your brand and more.

Bert's book is called: Say Y.E.S.!: Going from Employee to Entrepreneur in 5 steps and it's available on amazon.

Monique's book: How to Embrace Your Inner Millionaire: 8 Simple Steps to Get on the Path to Abundance is available for a limited time at