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May 24, 2023

After coasting for years as a solopreneur, rapid expansion and new opportunities have begun to flood into OverFlow Enterprises. Suddenly this small operation is faced with the choice of turning away new business to keep things "manageable" or increasing it's capacity by scaling.

But what does it mean to scale? At what point should a business do it and how do you start?

These are some of the questions staring me in the face right now and I've got the perfect person to shed light on it. He's scaled his business from 0 to more than $100 million in revenue and it just so happens we live together.

In this episode, my husband Tony R. Kitchens stops by the Sisternomics studio and shared some battle-tested insights about what scaling is and isn't and why getting back to business basics may be the best advice despite what you hear from all the gurus out in these internet streets.

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