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Jun 7, 2024

In this thought-provoking episode of Sisternomics, Monique talks to Stephanie Perry, a house sitter and influencer, about the concept of taking an 'adult gap year.' 

Stephanie passionately advocates for black women to take at least a year off from work to travel or practice radical self-care, challenging traditional notions of how value is tied to productivity. 

F*** productivity!

This episode delves into the benefits of extended breaks, the importance of self-worth outside work, and actionable steps for planning your sabbatical. 

Stephanie boldly challenges the historical context of 'black excellence,' and provides listeners with resources and motivation to completely redefine self-worth by embracing a life of ease and leisure.

Here are some highlights with time stamps:

00:00 The Value of Free Time

01:45 Stephanie Perry's Journey to Taking a Sabbatical

06:06 Planning and Budgeting for a Year Off

08:54 The Benefits of Hostels and Budget Travel

10:07 The struggle to disconnect from work

14:04 The Flow to the Finish Coaching Program

22:24 Stephanie flips the script on work.

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