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Jan 24, 2024

Want your business to be profitable day one?

Listen to this chat with Susanne Mariga, a CPA and Fractional CFO specializing in high-net-worth strategies for 7 and 8-figure entrepreneurs. Susanne is also the author of "Profit First For Minority Business Enterprises" and is passionate about helping entrepreneurs maximize revenue, grow their businesses, and save through sound tax strategies.


Susanne shares a bunch of great takeaways, including these:

  • How to manage business finances using the Profit First strategy (4:23).

  • The psychology of pricing (17:00)

  • What 7- and 8-figure businesses do to save on taxes without increasing expenses

  • A great way to think about your pricing as an entrepreneur and how to make sure you’re not pricing your products and services too low. (18:37)

  • What does winning look like for you as an entrepreneur?


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