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Apr 25, 2024

Did you have any in-depth money conversations before you said “I do?”

Probably not.

Forty-one percent of divorced Gen Xers attribute the end of their marriage to financial disagreements.

Today Monique is joined by Shavonna Perkins, a certified financial educator and founder of the Bougie Wealth Group. Shavonna shares her journey from poverty to financial empowerment and offers advice for couples on how to manage money together effectively.

Shavonna and Monique discuss the importance of early money conversations in a relationship, discussing financial goals, credit scores, and budgeting strategies. 

Also, Shavonna breaks down her recommended structure for couples' finances, including maintaining five accounts for different purposes, and highlights the importance of celebrating financial milestones together. 

 Grab your Bae and get these nuggets!

04:09 The Crucial Money Conversations every couple should have

06:27 Strategies for Financial Harmony

12:45 The Ideal Financial Setup for Couples

16:19 Overcoming Money Mindsets and Embracing Kingdom Living

21:26 Celebrating Milestones and Encouraging Healthy Money Conversations


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