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Feb 1, 2024

In this episode of Sisternomics, we're thrilled to have an inspiring millennial voice in the marketplace - Kevina Bland, also known as KB. Kevina grew up in Savannah GA and vividly remembers a time when her family was evicted from their home and all their belongings were put out on the street. They were constantly “robbing Peter to pay Paul.” 


These days, KB works in the oil industry in Kazakhstan and is much more financially stable. She’s the founder of Broke2Rich, a lifestyle brand she’s building that helps millennials get the right mindset so they can create a rich life on every level.


KB shares a bunch of great takeaways, including these:

  • Her Broke2Rich journey

  • Common challenges that millennials face when it comes to money and building wealth.

  • The 7 principles of Broke2Rich

  • How women can leverage their careers to inspire and guide the younger generation, opening doors for more opportunities and breaking stereotypes.


Connect with KB:

Instagram: @broke2richlifestyle

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