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Jun 28, 2024

Let’s do a mid-year refresh!

In this episode Monique breaks down her business income streams, and offers five actionable tips to help you realign and arrive at the intentions you set at the beginning of the year while embodying ease and flow on the journey.

Ready to divorce the hustle? Monique's 'Flow to the Finish' group coaching program starts in July, and is designed to provide support, community, and empowerment to end the year strong but without the grind.

Here are some highlights from this solo episode:

00:53 Revisiting and Recalibrating Goals

02:13 Monique's Plans for the Year

03:23 Revenue Breakdown and Business Strategy

07:53 Five Tips to Achieve Your Goals

12:40 Introducing Success with LaKeisha a new segment on Sisternomics

16:02 Flow to the Finish Group Coaching Program

To learn more about Flow to the Finish Group Coaching Program, go to

Our new segment featuring LaKeisha Nicole debuted in this episode! Visit LaKeisha’s website here:

LaKeisha was featured on a previous episode of Sisternomics, you can find that here:


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