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Nov 9, 2022

Today’s guest grew up with an insecure relationship with money that bled into her adult life. Alysha M. Campbell, founder and CEO of CultureShift HR, is speaking to Sisternomics host Monique about breaking her scarcity mindset to build a prosperous financial future.

Alysha opens up about her money story and offers valuable advice on turning any side hustle into a main hustle, as well as her favorite tools to align your life with your goals.

You’ll also hear the key factors that pushed Alysha’s business from dream to reality, including finding a community of like-minded people.

Plus, you’ll also have the chance to win a FREE book featuring Alysha from Monique!

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • How Alysha’s experience with money created her scarcity mindset
  • Overcoming her fears to achieve prosperity
  • The tools and habits that changed her mindset
  • 3 pieces of advice to make your side hustle the main hustle
  • The importance of women of color having multiple streams of income
  • Get your free Sisternomics Money Manifesto here!
  • Alysha shares her Sisternomics strategy and philanthropy
  • An easy giveaway from Monique!

Find out more about Alysha’s company, CultureShift HR, here! And, check out her feature in the book, Building Beyond the 9 to 5: Inspirational Lessons from Successful Black Women by Kioshana LaCount Burrell.

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