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Aug 30, 2022

Laurie Sayles says, "the government is the biggest purchaser of everything," and she believes that there are huge government contracting opportunities available for African American owned businesses that are just waiting to be applied for.

Growing up in the housing projects of Chicago, Laurie learned at an early age how to handle her family's finances. She later took her unique skillsets (a combination of street savvy, military training, entrepreneurial spirit and a strong faith) and built Civility Managment Solutions, an 8(A) Certified company that has received multi-million dollar government contracts.

In this inspiring episode, Laurie sheds light on:

  • Her journey to becoming 8(A) Certified
  • How long it took after she became certified before she received her first big government contract.
  • Is every business fit to do business with the government?
  • What organizations can help you become 8A Certified.

Laurie also reveals:

  • Why her husband became one of her biggest enemies when her business started to succeed.
  • Why entrepreneurs should think more about creating jobs.
  • What she's investing in today.
  • Her plan for leaving a wealth legacy that will benefit others for 15 generations
  • How she sets and achieves her goals.

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